Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Arizona, United States


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Distinctive Architectural Landscapes Pool&Patio Design in Paradise Valley

What our Clients Experience

World Class Attention to Detail, Service & Communication

An Excellent Investment...    

“The Aspect Group has delivered nothing short of World Class Results on our Las Vegas and Palm Springs projects. Chris Newington and his Aspect team are masterful designers and top-notch project managers. Newington asks all the right questions and offers invaluable solutions, which for us, ultimately resulted in an absolutely breathtaking, cost-effective, and profitable outcome on The 2810. Anytime we encountered challenges, they were always handled with consideration and professionalism. Detail oriented with everything from design and planning, to schedule, budget and communication. Nothing is overlooked with this group. 

Good investment.”

- Sean V

Commitment to Excellence...

"Our project is nearly completed and we're excited about the final product. First, we want you to know that Chris Newington has been awesome. Really, the guy has the communication skill set to make your customers happy. He is excellent at his job. No excuses, keeps his cool, gets it done. He's exactly what we wanted. Beyond that, he listens intently, gives solid advice and is true to his word."

- Meagan A.

Experience, Leadership, and Professional Service...

"Chris is one of the most talented people I know. A master of processes, protocol and operations along with a plethora of other skills. He is a master communicator with vast experience and knowledge combined with many years of experience at multiple levels. It has been my privilege to have worked with him on many projects with several organizations. Few can match his technical skills. This guy gets it done!"

- Kevin W.

Great Communication...

"I would like to thank Chris for all the time he spent with us explaining how pools are built and how everything works. I am very pleased with my decision and appreciate completing the project so quickly."

- Thomas