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Luxurious INTERIORS | Distinctive EXTERIORS A veteran owned company

Luxurious INTERIORS | Distinctive EXTERIORS A veteran owned company

Luxurious INTERIORS | Distinctive EXTERIORS A veteran owned company Luxurious INTERIORS | Distinctive EXTERIORS A veteran owned company Luxurious INTERIORS | Distinctive EXTERIORS A veteran owned company

Design & Building Services

We offer personalized Design|Build services including remodeling, new construction and major repairs for all types of properties and clients. 

A Dedicated and Proven Design, Project Management and Construction Team with decades of Industry Specific Experience, Delivering Distinctive Quality to Every Client.

Our Specialties:

  • Design Build Company
  • Residential & Commercial 
  • Planning & Design Services
  •  Buildings, Interiors & Exteriors
  • Outdoor Design/ Outdoor Living & Landscapes
  • Swimming Pools & Water Features
  • New Construction & Re-Modeling
  • Modifications & Updating


Our Approach


Mindful Design

Our Architectural Philosophy is that 'good design' follows a deliberate process based upon core design principles and a personalized focus on individuality. 

Our interior concepts and outdoor designs are created with Mindful consideration, balancing Aspects such as Style, Architectural Continuity, Function and Lasting Quality to create the perfect indoor and outdoor environments for entertaining, relaxation and added value for our North Scottsdale clients. 

Timeless Contemporary Style and Quality 

 Our custom created designs are detailed and stylish, complimented by architecturally themed elements, luxurious furnishings, and world-class convenience accessories. 


Collaborative... Creative... Convenient...

 TheAspectGroup design build company members are professional designers, estimators, project managers, , builders, construction companies and specialty contractors. We work hand-in-hand to produce interior and outdoor designs, permits, construction drawings and process documents. 

We analyze details, develop comprehensive budgets, prepare and execute key process documents along with a strategic construction sequence for successful project delivery.

Our single-source collaboration allows for the design, pre-construction planning, site mobilization and site preparation activities to be accomplished concurrently rather than waiting for absolute completion of all preceding tasks to begin the next. We are pro-active and service oriented, focused on the earliest start of your project with a successful outcome in our sights.

Discover TheAspectGroup Advantages  


With a dedication to personal service and satisfaction our clients experience

  • Reduction in design time
  • Simplified construction drawings through established and practical strategies
  • Early identification of value engineering alternatives open for consideration, discussion and analysis throughout the process and project
  • Shortening the construction calendar through efficient planning and experience
  • Limited communication delays by reducing to a single point of contact
  • Minimizing cost-overruns by reduction/elimination of change orders 
  • Fast-track schedules for processing and project delivery
  • Customizing the design to actual site conditions more efficiently
  • Identifying long lead items resulting in earlier delivery and further reducing delays 

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